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Register to vote

How to register to vote in the next elections


How to register to vote

Once INEC announces that registration is open you are eligible to register if:

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You are a resident of a ward or a Local Government Area (LGA)

A citizen can register as a voter in the ward or LGA either where they reside or where they are gainfully employed. A citizen may also choose to travel to his state of origin to register.

To register for your permanent voters card you need to go to your nearest registration centre. In the past, INEC has used their local state offices, local government offices and schools as centres.

Documents needed for registration are either a birth or baptismal certificate, national passport, identity card or driver's license or any document that will prove the identity, age and nationality of the applicant.

Once you have been registered, you will be issued with a temporary voters card. Your name will also be included on the voters register.

This temporary card will be exchanged for a permanent one once it is ready. Please keep it safe.

Your Permanent voters card will contain the following information (as provided during registration):

  • The voter's name
  • The name of the state the voter is registered in
  • The name of the LGA
  • The Registration Area/Centre and code
  • The voter's Identification number

INEC will stop registering voters 30 days before a general election is held