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About Us

Who we are?

GoVote is a platform and campaign to educate Nigerians on how to register to vote in the country’s General Elections and to mobilize them to do so. During the 2019 general election cycle, the platform was expanded to provide information to first time voters on what to expect on election day, voter education around responsible conduct before and during the elections and aggregation of information points geared towards helping voters make informed choices about candidates and conducting citizen surveys on election governance. CcHUB, supported by Luminate Group and the National Endowment for Democracy has now set an ambitious goal of leveraging GoVote.ng to register 5,000,000 Nigerians by the 2023 elections.

In 2019, only 34.75 percent of registered voters in Nigeria voted in the Presidential elections. This means that less than four people determined who won in 2019 for every ten eligible voters. In Nigeria young people account for the largest demographic, yet this is not a representation in the elections because young voters and new voters continue to face diverse obstacles which has stalled meaningful youth participation in Nigeria’s Democratic systems. Imagine if 60 percent of these young people turn out to vote in elections, the impact would be a hooge in determining the general election and the leaders who would represents them.

Since 2015
6 Partners​
Directly reached over 1m+ Online & Offline
100k+ social media impressions
20m+ listeners reached via radio campaigns
We have a goal to mobilize and register 5,000,000 young people aged 18-40 & other demographics by the 2023 election.