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Govote Impact Report 2022-2023

December 14, 2023

Govote a Civic Tech platform was launched in 2015 as an initiative of Co-Creation Hub to simplify election information, and using technology to enhance young people 18-40 participation and voting in elections in Nigeria.

Since 2015, we have championed voters’ education and civic engagement through the use of technology. Ahead of the recently held 2023 general elections in Nigeria, GoVote deployed diverse tools and techniques, leveraging the power of community to empower Nigeria to be active citizens. This impact in numbers report, outlines our achievements from 2022 to 2023.
Through these achievements, we have developed innovative programs to boost young people’s participation in governance as well as localizing citizens’ engagement and awareness for collective action.

Our goal is to contribute to advocacy eorts that promote democratic participation and young people’s inclusion in the political process with the goal to increase voter turnout in Nigerian elections. Special thanks to all our GoVote champions, donors and partners for your continuous support.

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